Employee Engagement Survey

The employee engagement survey is conducted on-line. The survey format, methodology, analysis and structured feedback process (learning how to use the survey data) is a product that I developed to show a cause and effect for retention, turnover and engagement for retail grocery industry and subsequently adapted for other industries. It is fully customizable.

The survey is an effective tool for benchmarking. The analysis is prescriptive in that it provides direction and actionable data (shows cause and effect) that shows the level of employee engagement and how to increase it. The survey is linked to inspiring leadership, the organizations’ purpose, mission and vision as well as key HR systems and processes of: Selection, Training, Welcome Orientation, Goals and Measures, Feedback and Recognition, Accountability, and I Love My Job (ownership).

The analysis and feedback process is the key to successful change. The focus is on employee engagement initiatives, leadership development and refinement of HR systems and processes.

The overall analysis looks at: “Where I Work”, “My Manager”, “My Work”. Findings are shown by district/territory/location etc. and can be further customized. Most questions are tabulated using a 5 point Likert Scale of Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree.

The Key Drivers of Inspirational Leadership analysis identifies the statistical relationship between the Key Drivers and the statement: “My manager inspires me to learn and grow and to achieve success here at MPC”.  This analysis is unique in the fact that it is prescriptive because it provides guidance on what specifically to work on to drive engagement. The expected outcomes are identified in The Employee Engagement Indicators Analysis.

The Employee Engagement Indicators Analysis shows the expected engagement outcomes of inspirational leadership. This report also includes the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

The Employee Retention Analysis identifies the key factors of retention, what is most important in their decision to stay. I also look the key factors of employee retention for employees who say I love my job and there is a difference as to what is most important to this group.

Written Comments Include “Tell us Why You Love Your Job” (this section is only for those who say I Love My Job), “What Changes Would You Like to See in Your Store/Department and or In The Company”?, “What Do You Like Best about Working at MPC”?, How Do You and Your Co-Workers Go The Extra Mile for Customers or Your Team”?

The Feedback Process is conducted by Fred Martels either by tele-conference or in person.