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Fred Martels

Fred Martels is a strategic Human Resources Professional and inspiring leader. He draws on his 30 plus years of leadership experience and success in building customer centric organizations through an engaged workforce by aligning strategic human resources initiatives with strategy, purpose, mission, vision, values and corporate goals of revenue and profit growth.

As a senior human resource executive, Martels spent over 25 years creating systems and processes that propelled Dierbergs Markets in St. Louis, MO to nationally recognized leadership in the retail industry. Through his leadership, Dierbergs was recognized for Best Practices in Motivating and Retaining Employees and for Exceeding Customer Expectations.

For over 10 years Fred served as President of People Solution Strategies and 5 years working with Midwest Petroleum. His research has identified the key drivers of what it really takes to be an inspiring leader . . . one that fosters employee engagement and customer experiences that compel customers to rave about their experience, recommend the business to their friends and reward them with their loyalty.

Today Fred Inspires audiences and organizations by sharing his expertise, knowledge and practical application, with those who desire to lead, so that they are able to be the kind of leader who can bring out the untapped potential that people have to achieve, their desire to make a difference for customers and have a job they love.

Fred is an Advisory Board member for the Missouri State University’s Customer Experience Certificate Program. He is the author of Competing with the Giant! . . . The Walmart Supercenter Customer Loyalty Study, and The Teenage Worker Retention and Motivation Study.